3.19.2023 History Of Alternative

03/19/2023 at 04:27PM

Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, Blondie and Cake in this set, album anniversaries for Depeche Mode, Bloc Party, The Pixies, Our Lady Peace and Semisonic, cool covers from The Lemonheads and Love and Rockets, plus Veruca Salt, Rise Against, Pulp and Smash Mouth!!

3.12.2023 History Of Alternative

03/12/2023 at 03:53PM

Green Day, Oasis, New Order and Fiona Apple in this set, album anniversaries for Morrissey, Tears For Fears, R.E.M., Cracker and The Bravery. plus festive Irish tunes from Flogging Molly, U2, The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys and House Of Pain.

3.5.2023 History Of Alternative

03/05/2023 at 04:56PM

Weezer, The Cure, Beck and Veruca Salt in this set, album anniversaries for Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, 2 U2 albums, Evanescence and Kaiser Chiefs, plus Oasis, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie And The Banshees and Rage Against The Machine.

2.26.2023 History Of Alternative

02/26/2023 at 04:58PM

Weezer, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead and Liz Phair in this set, album anniversaries for U2, PJ Harvey, Kaiser Chiefs and Tears For Fears, cool covers from Rage, Social D and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, plus 311, Stroke 9, The Breeders and Depeche Mode.

2.19.2023 History Of Alternative

02/19/2023 at 05:03PM

Beck, Beastie Boys, Nine Inch Nails and Veruca Salt in this set along with The Cure, Siouxsie And The Banshees, The Replacements and Letters to Cleo, plus Alanis, Alice In Chains, alt-J, The Stone Roses, Keane and "Scooby Snacks" from Fun Lovin' Criminals.

2.12.2023 History Of Alternative

02/12/2023 at 03:55PM

Green Day, Cake, Garbage and Weezer in this set, album anniversaries for Blur, LCD Soundsystem and Social Distortion, cool covers from Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, 311 and Bow Wow Wow with some Valentine's Day themed tunes from Depeche Mode, The Flaming Lips and more..

2.5.2023 History Of Alternative

02/05/2023 at 04:23PM

Weezer, The Strokes, No Doubt and Nine Inch Nails in this set, album anniversaries for Pearl Jam, Cake, The Offspring, Dinosaur Jr. and Incubus, plus tunes from R&R HOF 2023 nominees The White Stripes, Rage Against The Machine And Joy Division.

1.29.2023 History Of Alternative

01/29/2023 at 02:54PM

Jimmy Eat World, Radiohead, Beck and The Breeders in this set, album anniversaries for Pavement and Green Day's "Dookie", plus Depeche Mode, Rancid, Our Lady Peace, Garbage, Vampire Weekend and Fountains Of Wayne. WATCH: the "Stacy's Mom" video here.

1.22.2023 History Of Alternative

01/22/2023 at 04:28PM

Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Beastie Boys and Veruca Salt in this set, album anniversaries for Our Lady Peace, Arctic Monkeys, Belly, Meat Puppets and The Shins, plus cool covers from Social D, Echo And The Bunnymen and Siouxsie And The Banshees along with The Smiths, Against Me! and Big Audio Dynamite.

1.15.2023 History Of Alternative

01/15/2023 at 03:27PM

Pearl Jam, They Might Be Giants, Alanis and Alice In Chains in this set along with Green Day, Morrissey, Spoon and The Ting Tings' "That's Not My Name", plus U2, Beck, Face To Face, Hot Hot Heat, The Cranberries and Orgy's cover of "Blue Monday".

1.8.2023 History Of Alternative

01/08/2023 at 04:59PM

Radiohead, Social Distortion, Beck and David Bowie in this set along with Weezer, Spoon, Veruca Salt and Matthew Sweet, plus U2, 311, Marvelous 3, Nine Inch Nails, Good Charlotte and The Smiths.

1.1.2023 History Of Alternative

01/01/2023 at 04:58PM

U2's "New Year's Day", Blink 182, Nine Inch Nails and The Ramones in this set along with Weezer, Cake, Liz Phair and New Order, plus Oasis, The Flaming Lips, Letters To Cleo and "3 Strange Days" from School Of Fish.

12.25.2022 History Of Alternative

12/25/2022 at 02:39PM

Beck, Beastie Boys, Social D and The Smiths in this set, holiday tunes from Blink 182, Billy Idol, My Chemical Romance, The Ramones, U2, No Doubt and Jimmy Eat World, plus Cake, Nada Surf and "Ghost Town" from The Specials.

12.18.2022 History Of Alternative

12/18/2022 at 05:32PM

Beck, The Ramones, Green Day and Veruca Salt in this set along with The Cure, STP and Sonic Youth, album anniversaries for The Clash and Peter Murphy, plus Jane's Addiction, Depeche Mode, Urge Overkill and No Doubt.

12.11.2022 History Of Alternative

12/11/2022 at 05:05PM

Weezer, Social D, Nine Inch Nails and Veruca Salt in this set along with Oasis, The Replacements, The Smiths and Soul Coughing, songs for No Doubt's "Rock Steady" album anniversary along with The Cure, Alkaline Trio and songs from the Empire Records soundtrack. (WATCH a scene from the film here.)

12.4.2022 History Of Alternative

12/04/2022 at 04:56PM

Pearl Jam, The Smiths, Beastie Boys and The Pixies in this set, album anniversaries for Bush, The Black Keys, Rage Against The Machine and The Offspring, plus Blink 182, 311, Siouxsie And The Banshees and songs from the Singles soundtrack.

11.27.2022 History Of Alternative

11/27/2022 at 05:22PM

Beck, Beastie Boys, Blondie and Blink 182 in this set, plus Primus, Eve 6, Nine Inch Nails, Cake and Weezer (WATCH the awesome "Pork And Beans" video here) along with Rancid, The Smiths, Elastica and Echo And The Bunnymen.

11.20.2022 History Of Alternative

11/20/2022 at 03:04PM

Weezer, The Replacements, Alice In Chains and alt-J in this set, album anniversaries for Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys, Bad Religion, U2 and Sum 41, plus Nine Inch Nails, Veruca Salt, The Strokes, Soul Coughing and The Stone Roses.

11.13.2022 History Of Alternative

11/13/2022 at 05:30PM

Depeche Mode, The Ramones, Beck and Jimmy Eat World in this set, album anniversaries for U2, Bush and Audioslave, cool covers from Pearl Jam and Mike Ness, plus Nine Inch Nails, The B-52's, Morrissey and Luscious Jackson.

11.6.2022 History Of Alternative

11/06/2022 at 05:35PM

Weezer, Oasis, Our Lady Peace and The Cure in this set, album anniversaries for R.E.M, Rage Against The Machine, Foo Fighters, Fiona Apple, Alice In Chains and Alanis, plus Pearl Jam, The Pretenders, Public Image LTD and Flobots' "Handlebars".