Butterball Turkey’s Turkey Talk-Line is BACK

11/24/2021 at 06:03AM

THANK YOU!!! -- Erin Carman

Keanu Reeves shared a List of Movie Recommendations

11/23/2021 at 05:47AM

I kinda love this list... -- Erin Carman

Mountain Dew-Flavored Popcorn is a thing you can buy on Amazon

11/19/2021 at 08:01AM

Why keep the two separate? -- Erin Carman

Grandma Accidentally Invited a Stranger to Thanksgiving 6 years ago and they’re still meeting for their annual dinner

11/19/2021 at 07:24AM

It's become a pleasant Thanksgiving tradition, getting a yearly update on these two! -- Erin Carman

We may see ‘Significant’ Storm Weather for Thanksgiving

11/18/2021 at 06:17AM

Well, traveling to the relatives is going to suck this year... -- Erin Carman

The Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse of the Century will happen Friday morning

11/17/2021 at 06:20AM

You won't get a second chance to see this! -- Erin Carman

McDonald’s Egg McMuffin will be 63 cents on November 18th to celebrate 50th Anniversary

11/17/2021 at 05:52AM

Breakfast costs less than a dollar on Thursday! -- Erin Carman

Reese’s Largest Peanut Butter Cup is PIE-SIZED!!

11/16/2021 at 06:10AM

That looks unreal!! -- Erin Carman

Crocs now has “Ugly Christmas Sweater” Clogs

11/12/2021 at 10:17AM

This is the most festive footwear I think I've ever seen! -- Erin Carman

Get paid $1000 just to watch Betty White

11/12/2021 at 07:27AM

Sign me up!! -- Erin Carman