Michael Jordan expected to be at Chris Chelios’ jersey retirement

02/22/2024 at 03:01PM

Who knew MJ and Chelly were friends? -Dave and Kim

Chicago brewery makes “Tom FREAKING Skilling” beer

02/22/2024 at 02:33PM

Who wouldn't want to have a beer made after them? -Dave and Kim

Delta offering special eclipse flight so you can see it from 30,000 feet

02/21/2024 at 02:42PM

This might be your last chance to see a total eclipse until the year 2044! -Dave and Kim

Brookfield Zoo celebrates 90 years, announces new Ferris Wheel and attractions

02/21/2024 at 02:25PM

Navy Pier can't be the only place with a Ferris wheel! -Dave and Kim

February on pace to be the warmest ever recorded in Chicago

02/20/2024 at 03:13PM

Bring out the shorts! -Dave and Kim

The Best Pizza in the country is popping-up in the suburbs!

02/20/2024 at 03:03PM

Pequod's is available to order in the suburbs for a limited time this week! -Dave and Kim

Video shows crab taking a trip on CTA

02/20/2024 at 02:53PM

Everyone is just so crabby on the bus these days! -Dave and Kim

Helicopter makes ‘precautionary’ landing at Oak Street Beach

02/19/2024 at 02:08PM

Fortunately, the helicopter refilled it's oil and went back on it's way. -Dave and Kim

83-year old bank robber arrested after Valentine’s bank heist

02/19/2024 at 01:07PM

This must be the oldest bank robber ever. -Dave and Kim

No property tax relief for Bears on Arlington Park valuation

02/16/2024 at 11:25AM

High Arlington Heights property tax = The Bears staying in Chicago? -Dave and Kim