Rescan Your Channels Before Kickoff

02/11/2024 at 02:21PM

If you cut the cord, be sure to rescan the channels on your TV before the big game to view the much improved CBS signal! -- Cara Carriveau

Chicago man wins $1M from Illinois Lottery scratch-off ticket

11/22/2023 at 03:15PM

It's a nice way to begin the holiday season! -Cara Carriveau

Is Starbucks open on Thanksgiving or Black Friday for 2023?

11/21/2023 at 01:35PM

You better call ahead and see if your local Starbucks is open on these days! -Cara Carriveau

#RIP Matthew Perry

10/29/2023 at 09:08AM

He made us laugh in all 234 episodes of Friends.

Dolly Parton’s Star-Studded Album ‘Rockstar’ Finally Has a Release Date

05/10/2023 at 12:02AM

The complete track list looks so great!

Record Store Day Is Saturday April 22nd

04/21/2023 at 01:57PM

Limited releases from Van Halen, Billy Joel, Duran Duran and more! --Cara Carriveau

Starbucks’ New Olive Oil Drinks are being called a “Legit Laxative”

04/07/2023 at 01:55PM

Heads up, in case you were planning on trying this... -- Cara Carriveau

Dee Snider Unmasked On ‘The Masked Singer’

04/07/2023 at 01:37PM

I guessed this one right! -- Cara Carriveau

Milwaukee Brewers send Rookies on a Starbucks Run across the street from Wrigley Field

04/02/2023 at 05:01PM

For some reason, I find this funny! -- Cara Carriveau