Comparing set lists from two different Journey concerts at the Aragon Ballroom

07/30/2021 at 02:26PM

WOW, went from playing 9 songs to playing 29 songs! -- Cara Carriveau

Watch Journey rock a packed crowd at the Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom

07/30/2021 at 05:57AM

Killer extended version of Wheel In The Sky! -- Cara

Skateboarding is now an Olympic sport

07/23/2021 at 08:50AM

Maybe there will eventually be a funny SNL skit about skateboarding like the one about synchronized swimming. -- Cara Carriveau

July’s full Buck Moon appears in the sky TONIGHT

07/23/2021 at 06:29AM

They also call this one, the "Thunder Moon!" -- Cara Carriveau

A Whitney Houston hologram residency is coming to Las Vegas

07/23/2021 at 06:08AM

Never got to see Whitney Houston in concert?  Well, here's your chance... sorta. -- Cara Carriveau

Schaumburg Boomers’ Ferris Bueller’s Day Off day game today

07/22/2021 at 01:30AM

Hey batter, batter, swing batter! -- Cara Carriveau

Jeff Bezos’ rocket looks like a huge _______!!

07/21/2021 at 05:47AM

JOHNSON!! -- Cara Carriveau

The world’s biggest bottle of soap is in Chicago today

07/20/2021 at 08:37AM

This 21 foot high bottle of soap will be at the Ravenswood Walgreens today 2pm-5pm. -- Cara Carriveau

There will be a giant egg in Maggie Daley Park this weekend for Pokemon Go

07/20/2021 at 07:27AM

You can Pokémon Go outside to this fest this weekend... -- Cara Carriveau

Cat in glasses is helping kids with eye problems

07/19/2021 at 06:19AM

Animals in clothes is a winning combo! -- Cara Carrivaeu